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I'm a firm believer that research and teaching are inseparable and that every opportunity should be taken to combine these dimensions of what academics do. I've learnt so much from my students and they continue to inspire me. I've had experience of teaching social and cultural geography at two universities in the UK, and I'm enjoying the challenge and opportunity of teaching sociology at The Australian National University.

The Australian National University


At ANU I teach two upper-level (level 2/3) courses, and one lower-level (level 1) course. SOCY 2043 Qualitative Research Methods, SOCY 2060 Mobile Societies and ENVS 1001 Environment and Society: Geography of sustainability.

Below are some of the courses that I've taught on in the past:


MSc Cultural and Heritage Tourism, (University of Sunderland). Invited guest lecture on corporeal mobilities

Social Research in Geography (Geography, Level 2). Led large-group tutorials on history and philosophy of geographical concepts. Grading of formative assessments.

Social and Cultural Geography (Geography, Level 2). Led large-group seminars on cultural geographies of landscape and postcolonial theory, mobile geographies, and the history of geography.

Cyber Geographies (Geography, Level 3). Led practical computer-based sessions on virtual worlds.

Visual Culture, Media and the Politics of Place (Geography, Level 3). Led large-group tutorials and two lectures on postcolonial theory and visual geographies. Grading of formative assessments

Political Geography (Geography, Level 2). Led medium-sized group tutorials on contemporary political geography and ethics

Social Research in Geography (Geography, Level 2). Assisted Human Geography residential fieldtrip to Liverpool. Assisted in designing set of practical tasks to engage with specific geographical knowledges. Responsible for overseeing and guiding small-group practical projects based on research methods

Environment and Society (Level 1). Grading of formative work on relationship between culture and the environment


Mobile Geographies (Level 3), set of 12 lectures with accompanying seminars, written assessment, and exam preparation and marking

Geography Project (Level 3), dissertation supervisor to 8 students

Critical Contemporary Geographies (Level 2), 2 lectures as part of team-taught module on virtual and corporal mobilities with accompanying seminar, written assessment, and exam preparation and marking

Critical Contemporary Geographies (Level 2), co-led human geography residential fieldtrip to Tunisia. Responsible for content based on cultural globalisation, travel and tourism, everyday life in Tunisian cities

Contemporary Human Geographies (Level 1), set of 3 lectures as part of team-taught module on cultural globalisation with accompanying seminar, written assessment, and exam preparation and marking

MSc Environmental Assessment and Management, dissertation supervision

Part of course design team for new degree BA Environment and Media Studies